To me Architecture, first and foremost, is a means to build a building.  Plan for the construction of a space, shelter or environment for living or working that is safe, protected and suitable for all of the intended activities within it. Design means nothing without the final product.

Some architects do a disservice to the profession by relying on the contractor to "Just figure it out". Or I've heard it time and time again from contractors: "An architect is someone who provides a design that can't be built and the contractor just makes it work."

I start in the realm of reality. I won't try to convince the owner that they need more then they need. I explore ideas, give advice and truly try to understand all of the design's intended use.  Often a little extra time to get a clear understanding of how everything fits and works together is all it takes to avoid confusion. So by using tried and true construction techniques I can provide a design that is comprehensive, useful, efficient and esthetically fits within its setting.


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